Succession Planning

have the right people…
in the right positions…
at the right time!

What Is Succession Planning?

There’s so much that goes on inside workplaces. Services that are delivered can demand time and energy of our staff to ensure effective operations and functions work together, that form part of the delivery of our services. Knowing who is responsible for particular roles, with regard to line management, and funding requirements and budgets at particular stages to bring a work project to life, are just some critical factors to getting things right.

Here at ZSIC, our Original Custodian consultants take this very seriously, as its all about you, your business and having the capabilities to deliver your services effectively, and on time.

ZSIC’s Succession Planning Kit provides workplaces with user friendly templates that places your leadership team at the forefront of effective management practises.

Having plans in place that identify skilled people to cover, take over or finish important projects on time, in the unfortunate absence of people responsible to lead them, makes ZSIC’s Succession Planning an essential part of your core business plans.

What Is Career Succession Planning?

Our Career Succession Planning is adaptable to all positions within workplaces, and includes space for tracking:

It also includes space for:

We’ve even considered Succession Planning for governing Board Members, should your organisation have a such a strategic alignment.

Implementing ZSIC’s Succession Planning

It’s all about putting the right people, in the right positions, at the right time.

Due to ZSIC’s Succession Planning formats being so user-friendly, it has never been easier to get the ZSIC system implemented for you and your business / organisation.

Our templates support capacity and effectively scaled development of your organisation, further building on skills and knowledge tailored around your business and requirements. All created and crafted through a cultural lens of lived cultural and professional experiences.

ZSIC can assist with the implementation of your Succession Planning, should you feel the need for extra support.

Delivery Mode Options

Microsoft Teams
Face-To-Face (additional travel and accommodation fees associated with the engagement will be negotiated as appropriate)

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