Driving Change Across Every Sector

The need to support and embed cultural strategies into real workplace environments has always been in high demand. The goal for many of us, is to create culturally safe work environments for all to participate, to work and that is free of discrimination in all of its forms.

ZSIC acknowledges that this goal is at the core of every business sector.

To achieve this, ZSIC is pro-active in their attempts to form genuine, open and transparent relationships, between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal organisations, with a passion for positive change. Through self-determination and genuine participation, ZSIC seeks involvement in many sectors that make up our communities, to achieve just this.

ZSIC seeks involvement in the following areas: Community, Government, Non-Government, Private Sector, Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations (ACCO’s), Aboriginal Out Of Home Care (OOHC), NAIDOC, and Reconciliation as follows;

Communities & Nations

ZSIC respectfully acknowledges the many varieties of communities, and the cultural characteristics that each individual community may have. Therefore their needs are different, highlighting individual Tribal Sovereign Nations and their culture being unique to them. ZSIC has a preparedness to work with all Tribal Sovereign Nations, that wish to engage and seek support from our service deliverables.


ZSIC provides its cultural products to enhance Governments position on their cultural objectives, by encouraging partnerships to enhance growth for ZSIC and the Government sector. Procurement policies form part of Governments legislative abilities, that enable them to support local Indigenous business thrive, through self-determination and participation. Our experiences in different sectors of Government have equipped ZSIC with the necessary insights, to build on their cultural capacities, and deliver on their commitments to the Australian Indigenous community.

Non-Government (NGO)

NGO’s have identified gaps in cultural service deliverables that need to be addressed. Creating Indigenous identified positions inside their workplaces is a demonstration of their commitment towards addressing such gaps. ZSIC acknowledges such commitments, and offers cultural supports that assist NGO’s to maintain Indigenous Staff, and increase cultural competencies that aid in addressing to gaps identified.

Private Sector

Our private sector is made up of many entities, which include: mining, local businesses, real-estate and major corporations, eg: supermarkets, retail. ZSIC encourages involvement in these sectors as the core that drives each business action are their people.

Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations (ACCO’s)

ACCO’s are 100% Aboriginal community controlled, and are unique in design and their deliverables. They are governed by Aboriginal members of their communities. ZSIC respectfully acknowledges each cultural footprint, and promotes cultural partnerships, that continues our lived and professional experiences.

Aboriginal Out Of Home Care (OOHC)

Aboriginal children continue to experience OOHC placements from their families and their communities, at an alarming rate. Research by The Australia Institute of Health and Welfare 2020, revealed that the 18,862 ATSI children that found themselves in OOHC, equates to 11 times the rate for non-Indigenous children. This number is increasing and has been recognised by Catherine Liddle, the CEO of SNAICC, as a national shame (May 18, 2021).

ZSIC sees their role to provide Cultural Awareness Training through the OOHC sector. Our aim is to build on workplace cultural competency, with the view of safe restoration of Aboriginal children back to their families and their communities. ZSIC provides a cultural lense that empowers all workers, on all levels with meaningful and relevant cultural information and strategies, that forms part of Aboriginal children’s restorable journey.


1938 Day of Mourning saw the roots of the significance of Indigenous Original Custodians and their culture. The National Aboriginal Indigenous Day Observance Committee, also accepted as the National Aboriginal Indigenous Day Of Celebration, came about in 1991. NAIDOC provides our Nation with an opportunity to acknowledge Aboriginal Australia and its many gifts.

ZSIC encourages all forms of cultural growth, and fosters collaboration with those that nurture the NAIDOC belief and its spirit. Our offerings through our culturally sensitive approach symbolises what NAIDOC is all about – empowering others with cultural experiences in the course of cultural safe practises.


Reconciliation Australia

ZSIC recognises the foundational work established by Reconciliation Australia, the independent leading organisation for reconciliation in Australia. Their willingness to promote relationships, respect and trust amongst all Australians, is what ZSIC is all about. The various Reconciliation Action Plans (RAP) they encourage businesses to embrace, gives rise to ZSIC’s cultural support capabilities. Whether it’s a Reflect, Innovate, Stretch or Elevate RAP, ZSIC enjoys creating a shared cultural experience with stakeholders that see them build on their cultural capacity to be an employer of choice, for Indigenous people.


ZSIC is proud to be associated and affiliated with Dr Catherine Demosthenous and Dr Hellene Demosthenous, Co-Founders of ResearchCrowd, an independent Indigenous research agency specialising in culturally informed, evidenced-based research and evaluation for clients and communities in Australia. Learn more about ResearchCrowd via their website: www.ResearchCrowd.org.au.

Brewarrina Aboriginal Child & Family Centre

ZSIC is proud to announce a collaborative partnership with the Brewarrina Aboriginal Child and Family Centre (Bre ACFC), and Gunnedah Aboriginal Child and Family Centre. The Bre ACFC provide family care services that are culturally safe, and educational. All surrounding and enhancing infant and young children’s developments, in a supportive social setting environment.

Organisations We Support &/Or Work With