Reviews / Testimonials

“I had the pleasure of working with Zeke in 2022/23 when Zeke provided cultural supervision to a First Nations team member. My role at this time was Quality and Compliance Manager, with The Burdekin Association.

The benefits of Zeke’s YCSP were evident from the moment they started engaging; and not only were there important personal and professional benefits for the team member, and Zeke’s insights supported the team more broadly.

I found Zeke to be affable, highly professional, thoughtful, supportive, and clearly expert at providing culturally competent services, and he respected confidentiality while maintaining communication.

Zeke brought novel ideas to Supervision, Staff Support and the organisation whilst also being grounded in practical realities, and the YSCP program was very well structured.

From my experience, I strongly recommend both Cultural Supervision as well as Zeke’s YSCP program to employers of First Nations staff, as well as to consider the range of ZSIC’s other impressive services.”

Stephanie Mason

Program Manager

“Thanks Zeke! The feedback from the cohort that attended the ZSIC Cultural Awareness Workshop training facilitated by yourself and Jamie was overwhelmingly positive towards both style and skill of the faciltators, but also the content was structured in a manner that was safe, relevant and appropriate.

I look forward to working with you and your team into the future!. “

Clinton Neumann

Manager Operational Capability
Queensland Fire and Emergency Services

“Working with Zeke Shaw Consulting has been a truly remarkable experience. The team is passionate about understanding the needs of Aboriginal people and communities, and they take the time to really listen and engage with them. They have an incredible ability to identify the issues that need to be addressed in order to bring about healing. I’m very impressed with their dedication and commitment to this cause, as well as their creative approach to problem-solving that goes beyond traditional methods.”

Wayne Griffiths

CEO, Winanga-Li Aboriginal Child & Family Centre
12 Hunter Street Gunnedah, NSW 2380
Phone: 02 6743 0999

“Zeke has a proven ability to deliver successful solutions to complex community-based problems by engaging the community and relevant stakeholders to allow a synergistic and cohesive team-based approach. Zeke’s achievements to date are reflective of his natural and authentic leadership ability coupled with an innate drive to achieve positive outcomes relevant to any project or concept that he is focussed upon. It was a pleasure to work with you Zeke and I’m sure your future business partners or professional colleagues will no doubt succeed with you.”

Simon Madgwick

Senior Sergeant, NSW Police Force
Professional Standards Command –
Former Sector Supervisor – Wellington Police Station
Panel Coordinator |Commissioners Advisory Panel | Internal Review Panel
Medal Assessment & Review Panel | Panel Operations | Professional Standards Command
2 Dawn Fraser Ave, Sydney Olympic Park, NSW 2127

“Zeke is engaging, passionate and courageous. The way he educates about First Nations history and culture is informative, respectful and challenging  (everything cultural awareness consultation needs to be.)

As a proud Aboriginal man he uses a real lived experience approach that is authentic and impactful with truth telling and information on what others can do to help to promote and include First Nations voices and inclusion in the way a business is ran and developed. He truly is amazing.”

Nicole Beaver

Indigenous Inclusion and Reconciliation Lead
Culture, Inclusion & Wellbeing
Level 1, 158 Liverpool Road, Ashfield, NSW, 2131
Phone: 02 8799 6700

“Zeke is a powerful and dynamic presenter who uses his passion and knowledge of Aboriginal history to create a culturally rich learning environment that takes participants on a journey through the history of our First Nations People. I have watched Zeke take compassionate command of a room full of people using masterful storytelling and intelligent, insightful teaching methods. Zeke gently supported me as I released generational guilt and shame about my own family history and identity, which has profoundly impacted my life and opened my mind and my heart to learning as much as I can about my culture”.

Kylie Anderson

Carer Support Manager (Training & Resources)
My Forever Family NSW
P O Box 595, Dulwich Hill, NSW, 2203

“Zeke’s natural gifts are no short of being amazing. No one connects to others like Zeke does. His ability to reach out and bring everyone into a cultural safe learning space, must be seen to be believed. Zeke enables everyone to explore Aboriginal Australia’s true history in a way that just empowers and lifts everyone in the room. I haven’t seen anyone else deliver First Nation’s unfortunate lived experiences, cultural information and history, on a level that only Zeke does. His delivery, creativity and ability to talk lived truths, is unique in every way. Zeke, as a previous colleague and someone that is also connected to our ancestral lines as a Custodian of the Gamiloroi Tribe NSW, I can say this. Your authenticity reinforces our culture. I know that whilst you continue to do the things you do, the ‘gap’ is minimising between all Australian’s. I truly am blessed to share this journey with you.”  

Alison Chatfield

General Manager
R&C Civil Labour Hire

“I’m a proud descendant of the Gomeroi, Wayilwan and Wiradjuri people of Western NSW. In 2019 I ran as an Independent Candidate in the NSW State Election.

During this time, I approached Zeke before he commenced his Indigenous Consultancy business and he helped me with my election campaign.

Zeke is professional, culturally safe, technical and has an eye for detail. Congratulations Zeke on moving on with your dreams. I recommend contacting Zeke and seeking his professional support”.

Phil Naden

Coonamble Aboriginal Medical Centre

“I have been involved in many different training sessions, forums, planning meetings and events that Zeke Shaw has led over the past few years on cultural understanding and connections with First Nations people. In each of these events, Zeke made a significant difference in helping us improve and strengthen our skills, interest, insights and respect working in and with Community.

Zeke is a skilful, respectful, engaging and energetic trainer, teacher, facilitator and event host – I can’t thank you enough Uncle Zeke for providing us with such worthwhile experiences!”

Gillian Thacker

Project Manager

“Zeke Shaw is a passionate leader in his field with an incredibly contagious positive energy. I have been lucky enough to learn from Zeke in his unique way of delivering crucial information. I would strongly recommend Zeke to anyone searching for expert cultural competency, connection and compassion”.

Jackson Goding

Clinical Counsellor & Psychotherapist

I attended a cultural training as a foster carer with Zeke, as I seeked better ways to support the indigenous children that come into my care for their reconnection to family, tribe, country, culture, language and spirit. 

Zeke facilitated one of the best workshops I’ve ever attended in all my 28 years of education, training and work experience with youth, and specifically with indigenous youth. He was inspiring and empowering throughout – a natural teacher and guide. He engages everyone in a heart to heart, humble and humorous way that instils and inspires connection and natural understanding. He embodies all it means to connect respectfully and authentically with each other no matter your background or how you show up in the world or on the day. He reminds me of the value and power of real relationship – where so much remembering and healing naturally occurs, and how essential that is for children in care. 

Zeke’s wealth of lived cultural wisdom and knowledge, specific to his tribal background whilst relatable and respectful to others’, was imparted and embedded in the most effective way for me. I seek to learn more from him for cultural guidance and therapeutic support for indigenous children in care who long to return to their true hearts and home. Deep respect and gratitude.

Chelsea Corlett

“I attended the Cultural Connections online training on the 23rd May, 2022 facilitated by Zeke Shaw. I just want to say what a wonderful safe space it was to discuss keeping our young people connected to country and family. It was informative and presented with knowledge and humour. It is not always easy to touch on subjects that are sensitive to the opinion of others, but Zeke made it easy for all of us to ask questions and he was willing to be honest and open with his answers. He stood in his truth which allowed us to stand in our own. Thank you Zeke!”

Cherie Kennedy

Ozchild Specialised Foster Carer,
Blacktown, NSW

“I have worked with Zeke Shaw in training and experienced first-hand how he walks the talk and can guide and support cultural authenticity and awareness. Zeke is a great listener and affirms each participant, inviting each on the journey toward a greater understanding. It is a privilege to walk on that journey of learning guided by him.”

Terry Georgeson

“I highly recommend Zeke Shaw in his exciting Indigenous Consultancy venture. Zeke provided me with an insight and better understanding of connecting with indigenous and non-indigenous participants in my training sessions. I have no doubt Zeke Shaw would make an outstanding contribution to your team  /organisation with his warmth and passion, and his connection to the country.”

Gerry Harkins

Talent Development Specialist
People, Culture and Communications
Department of Planning and Environment
New South Wales Government

ZSIC responds to enquiries swiftly and efficiently. Zeke Shaw was a knowledgeable, engaged and entertaining facilitator through our RAP Development session.

Melita Hegarty, Community Engagement and Indigenous Participation Advisor - Sandvik

“As a cultural Indigenous Consultant Zeke Shaw has an amazing depth of knowledge , skills and capability as a facilitator. I have engaged Zeke many times as the Indigenous Consultant on behalf of Maitland City Council to guide, educate and enlighten participants organisationally and community based, regarding Cultural Competence. On every occasion Zeke has created a space of awareness and growth, and has had a profound impact on those present. He is motivating, engaging respectful and inclusive. Zeke is open, transparent, positive and hopeful. Zeke Shaw has a gift for connecting with people and telling the extraordinary stories that really matter and can assist people and organisations to increase their understanding, learnings and context of culture. I look forward to creating more opportunities to engage Zeke in the future.”

Chanel Hughes

Communnity Development Officer
Maitland City Council, NSW

“Zeke Shaw of ZSIC was asked to facilitate Cultural Confidence training for our social workers and foster carers in Key Assets across three sites. He took us on a journey around culture – the importance of culture, community, and identity specifically for Aboriginal children in Out Of Home Care. There were huge take-away messages for all involved – significant learnings for everyone who attended with many stating that they felt more confident in this work. This is one part of Key Assets journey, and we couldn’t recommend Zeke highly enough. He is engaging, enthusiastic, talks from the heart and not afraid of having those challenging and difficult conversations when it comes to First Nations children, young people and families”.

“I write in support of Zeke Shaw, whom I have known for over ten years, in several capacities. Zeke has been a diligent and tireless worker for his community and is well known in ours, Wellington NSW, for the inception, development and driving of the renowned “Dob in a Dealer” campaign. This community driven initiative grew out of Zeke’s ability to earn the trust and respect of his own community and his workplace, the NSW Police Service. Zeke devised and sold to many stakeholders, the concept of Gungie Origin, which was in essence, a collaborative program between the local police and the local community, of which 30% are Aboriginal. Gungie had several elements to it but the most memorable, I think, for the participants was the game of touch rugby prior to the Wellington Cowboys match. Zeke arranged for people from Westhaven (people with disabilities) to play against the police and with participation of a range of hopeless and very good players. The Westhaven people and all of us loved it – it was so much fun. Zeke can be very serious and he can deliver a power packed program with many elements, most importantly amusement and entertainment which by their very nature, can change mind sets positively. I highly regard this man and would work with Zeke Shaw again at any time, and have no hesitation in recommending him.”

Helen Swan JP (Justice Of The Peace)

Former CEO of WINS Community Centre
Wellington NSW


My name is Casey, I am taking a moment to pay respect to Zeke Shaw and acknowledge the work that Zeke and the ZSIC team does in providing cultural support across all our communities.

I have participated in training sessions which Zeke has facilitated to frontline workers in our community who work with families of high vulnerability; to which I have witnessed Zeke providing skills, resources, and confidence to those who participate in those training sessions and ultimately providing culturally informed support to those families in our communities.

Cultural informed and dignified practice are crucial when working with families and community.

Zeke is a very experienced and qualified practitioner who is unapologetic in delivering dignified practice. Throughout my professional career in the sector of social work I have experienced a multitude of transitional barriers that have presented themselves in one way or another. Zeke has provided guidance and support for me to get through them and continue my own journey of growth professionally and personally- I have a lot of gratitude for that.

I highly recommend reaching out to Zeke for any guidance and support both culturally and professionally- it’ll be a game changing move.

Working along side Zeke has been a learning Journey that I will never forget. Zeke has brought his lived experiences and expertise into this space and implemented, not only the supports and mentoring that’s been needed for my managerial journey these past few months, but implemented it right across the ACFC team in an authentic cultural way.

His laughter is infectious, and the way he pays it forward to community and staff definitely doesn’t go unnoticed.

The genuine cultural leadership that he has imbedded thus far has been an incredible journey.

ZSIC definitely lives up to their DEADLY Values:

D: Dedicated, to achieving our commitments
E: Enthusiastic, about working with others
A: Authentic, is who we are
D: Deliver, genuine services
L: Love, the work we do
Y: Yawarra (Care), for our culture

Danielle Boney

Centre Manager
Brewarrina Aboriginal Child & Family Centre
Brewarrina, NSW


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