Saints Care, Youth Rezolutions - Reconciliation Action Plan Workshop - July 2023

The Saints Care RAP journey has created a foundation of reflective and immersive community amongst the organisation and countries we are on.

Saints Care engaged with Zeke Shaw Indigenous Consultancy to help guide the team on a genuine cultural experience that helped to unpack their role in reconciliation. Zeke and Guillan both provided prompting questions within the workshops to respectfully open up discussions of the organisations collaboration with First Nations people and community. Zeke used his own experience to create a non-judgmental safe space while we reflected on our cultural learnings.

The RAP experience so far has enabled Saints Care to hear from local communities through various events, one to one consultation, Elder yarns and smoking ceremonies on our sites and formal cultural awareness training.

Zeke helped us to understand the importance of our genuine and culturally safe engagement and how to continue to maintain cultural relationships and connection.

As a result of the workshop with ZSIC, Saints Care was able to identify target areas for the RAP:

  1. Creating authentic connections and relationships with local First Nations communities across all Saints Care sites
  2. Developing and reviewing forms, processes, and tools to be inclusive of First Nations culture, journeys and experiences
  3. Ensuring consistent safe and welcoming physical spaces across the organisation
  4. Prioritising involvement in significant dates of the year for First Nations communities

Saints Care Reviews / Feedback:

The respected team from Saints Care attending the RAPs workshop provided ZSIC with their Review:

Working with Zeke Shaw and Gillian was really positive and helpful with our RAP. Both Zeke and Gillian have so much knowledge that they are willing to share. Zeke brings a lot of energy and passion and amazing cultural knowledge and identity.

Michelle Comito, Saints Care, Executive Office

Reconciliation Action Plans (RAPs) – July 2023

Zeke and Gillian were amazing in conversation with us and supporting us in working towards a more culturally safe organisation.

Elaine Miranda, Saints Care, RAP Committee Member

Reconciliation Action Plans (RAPs) – July 2023

Really engaging, friendly and ever so supportive! Thank you to Zeke and Gillian for all of their wisdom, knowledge and expertise in the cultural awareness and safety space. They helped us to unpack and reflect without judgement and have empowered our service to progress and make an impact on our Reconciliation Action Plans (RAP).

Tiana Reedy, Saints Care, Committee Member

Reconciliation Action Plans (RAPs) – July 2023

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