Reconciliation Action Plans (RAP’s)

Regardless of your business current position on cultural inclusion in the workplace, ZSIC leading Indigenous consultants works respectfully with you and your team throughout your cultural journey. ZSIC works alongside you when developing new RAP’s, and reviewing existing RAP’s for continuation and implementation.

We recognise working with teams and organisations on their RAPs as an integral and core part of the overall Cultural Curriculum Development & Implementation services we offer – please contact for details on RAP workshops and other services we offer in this space.

As one a leading Indigenous consultancy’s and a 100% owned and managed Indigenous consultancy, ZSIC recognises Reconciliation Australia and the success of their foundational work towards RAP implementation. That is why ZSIC applies cultural lived experiences, cultural knowledge, passion and drive, to provide sustainable safe workplace cultural practises to the workplace.

We achieve this through;

ZSIC enables you to be culturally competent by creating and embedding cultural practices that are safe for everyone to thrive. We achieve this through our Yawarra (Care) Cultural Supervision Program (YCSP). Please view our YCSP on our website for more information.

Bookings & Fees

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ZSIC Workshop With Sandvik Australia

Zeke and Katelyn working with the team at Sandvik on their cultural journey, with their Reconciliation Action Plan, June 2022.

ZSIC RAPs Workshop with Saints Care - July 2023

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