Cultural Consultation & Engagement

As First Nation Indigenous consultants and a 100% owned and managed Indigenous consultancy, ZSIC understands the importance of consultation and engagement, especially when supporting Aboriginal people, communities through healing processes, and business aims and objectives. Enabling their voices to be heard and delivered to where it needs to go, is at the core of ZSIC’s foundational beliefs.

We understand it has to be real, genuine and authentic.

ZSIC First Nation consultants naturally implements a cultural approach. Creating a space for people to engage and participate, that is cultural appropriate, safe and free of discrimination and lateral violence. We achieve this through a number strategies that meets our stakeholders needs and requirements. Through our lived cultural experiences and skills, we create tailored cultural consultation and engagement processes resources and materials, to reach desired outcomes for your business, such as;

We are keen to provide our services to you, which is why ZSIC seeks involvement in the following areas;

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