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Zeke Shaw Indigenous Consultancy (ZSIC) provides a wide range of cultural consultancy services to government, non-government, private sector, Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations (ACCO’s) and Aboriginal Foster Children Out Of Home Care (OOHC).

Specifically and well designed programs and services that include Cultural Supervision, Cultural Curriculum Developement & Implementation, Consultation & Engagement, Facilitation Services, and Cultural Awareness Training workshops are expertly delivered on-site in the workplace, in a fun, easy to follow, educational format with authenticity and relevance.

Zeke Shaw is an Original Custodian with over 30 years’ experience in working with Aboriginals and non-Aboriginals around Indigenous Cultural education and services – Click here to learn more about Zeke and the ZSIC team.

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The team at Zeke Shaw Indigenous Consultancy (ZSIC) specialises in delivering a range of high quality and well structured cultural services and programs in the workplace for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal employees at all levels, across all industries and sectors ... Australia wide!

Indigenous Solutions Driven By Indigenous People